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This is a view from our secret Walleye hole at Hillsdale Lake in Kansas.

This picture of Hillsdale Lake was taken by Duane Lewis

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We appreciate the opportunity to introduce you to Innovative Jigs, LLC and the products we provide for today’s anglers.

Selecting a fishing lure is the first critical step in assuring the success of your fishing trip. Innovative Jigs would like to share in your experience by paying special attention to your individual needs. The staff at Innovative Jigs feels we have developed and tested the finest weedless jig available. With over thirty years of use, Weedless Willie™ has caught just about every kind of fish in all depths and structures. It truly is the all-around jig. As you review our company and product, we urge you to keep this in mind:

  • Most fish attract and feed around or near heavy structure or cover.

  • Most strikes occur while the jig is falling, being bumped over structures or along lake and river bottoms.

  • The longer you can keep the bait in the structure, the more fish you will catch. Guaranteed!

Innovative Jigs has helped in the progressive development of Weedless Willie™, a weedless, round jig with a flat back system that, when falling, it wobbles and creates bubbles that drive fish crazy.

Weedless Willie™ Guard System: This guard system allows you to fish in heavy structures and submerged timber with very few snags, where the trophy fish are found, and it’s great for drifting and vertical jigging.

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